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12 janvier 2015

A perfect weekend in the Belgian Ardennes

Last weekend we had a great time at a fantastic chalet in the Belgian Ardennes with our friends and family. I did not know until now, that one could rent such nice places in the Ardennes…

The idea for this weekend came from Kristof, my husband, who wanted a cool place to celebrate Xmas with his employees and partners. After some Internet searches, he found this chalet in the middle of the nature for 23 people near to Waimes. We straightly fell in love with the accommodation he found!


The chalet, combining noble materials with a cozy and warm atmosphere, had an indoor pool, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a playroom, a big fireplace and a professional kitchen, all we needed for an unforgettable stay! As the chalet could only be booked for a whole weekend, the decision was taken to invite our friends and family with the kids for the second night.

During the week, the preparations for the big weekend were going on! We had to organize all the food and drinks for 25 people and all the rest, which is needed for a perfect party weekend! As you can see we had enough stuff to take along with us…


The party weekend started at on Friday 4 pm when the Plan K staff slowly all arrived. After the rooms were distributed, it was time to begin with the fun in the swimming pool before the aperitif was served in front of the big fireplace. For dinner we had a delicious cheese raclette served with excellent wine. Slowly but surely the party atmosphere pointed its nose… and the night finished in the swimming pool!

After a good night of sleep, all the team together prepared a delectable brunch with boiled eggs, cheese plate, different kinds of ham and sausages, liters of freshly squeezed fruit juices, baguettes and pastries, jams, compotes, etc. A perfect end for an unforgettable Christmas party!

After the Plan K team left, we had only a few hours to rest and relax in the wellness area before friends, family and kids arrived to continue the party! On the program: pool, pool, pool, pool… for the kids!

In the meanwhile, the adults took some well-deserved gin tonics while preparing the dinner: cutting the fresh rum steak into thin slices for the red wine fondue. It was delicious!

After a quick jump in the pool, the kids were sent to bed and the adults gathered around the fireplace to enjoy some glasses and to finish the night…

This great weekend came to an end once again with a great brunch and an afternoon in the pool and in the wellness area! The only thing we did not benefit of was the nature around us… That’s at least one good reason to go back…


You will find more information about the chalet by consulting this link!

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