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2 juillet 2015


With the sun pointing its nose, the summer temperatures being constantly above 20 C° and summer holidays still far away, it’s time to plan a journey at the Stau, the artificial lake located in the northwest of the country, in the Upper Sûre Nature Park.


The Stau is the common name for this artificial lake of 380 ha, Luxembourg’s largest drinking water reservoir. During summer season, the Stau does transform itself into a beloved bathing paradise (with activities like bathing, diving, sailing, swimming, sunbathing, hiking, chilling, grilling…)! All along the lake, you can find different kinds of “beaches” in Lultzhausen, Insenborn, Bauschelt, Burfelt and Liefrange which are more or less easily to locate. And normally each Luxembourger does have her/his preferred spot to pass the day there (Rommwiss, Fussefeld, etc.).


And a journey to the Stau needs some preparations. First you have to check the weather forecast! No need to drive up to the lake when it’s raining… Then you have to decide when & where you’re going there and what you want to do.

Depending on what you want to do at the Stau, you’ll have to be there on different times. For example, if you are planning to dive,  you better have to arrive early in the morning, around 8 am (weekends) or early in the evening, around 6 pm (weekdays), because at that time there are less people in the water, as the water is quite murky and with a lot of people in it, you won’t see a dime…

To chill after works, well than you better have to prepare all your staff in the morning and take it along with you, in order start your journey straight after work (around 1 hour drive from Luxembourg City) to arrive around 6-7 pm and you will still have the occasion to benefit of 2-3 hours for chilling, grilling and relaxing!

If you want to stay a whole day, then it’s best to plan to arrive around 11 am, so that you’ll have all your time to find the right spot and to set up your camp.


Then comes the point where you have to begin and think about what you have to take along with you. I will not explain what the divers or sailors will have to bring with, as they are more than used to pack that kind of luggage and I’m not! So for sure, I would forget a lot of stuff…

As we’ve forgotten half the things we should have taken along with us last Sunday, I’ve compiled a “small” checklist for you with hints, which might help you to plan your next trip to the Stau.

For a whole day filled with sun, fun and laughter, here’s what you need:

Sun & water bathing:

  • sun cream
  • sunglasses
  • bath towels
  • swim suits
  • water shoes (optional)
  • caps and hats
  • some beach games like tennis rackets, ball, etc.
  • inflatables to play in the water


  • blankets
  • camping table with bench/chairs
  • lounger / hammock / comfortable and pliable chairs to chill in
  • summer tent (i.e. for the smaller kids)
  • parasol
  • music box to play some lounge music or party beats
  • some magazines, books, etc. if you want to relax

Food & drinks

  • steaks, burgers, sausages, meat/vegetable skewers, fish, etc.
  • different kinds of salads, like i.e. noodle, rice, etc. that you’ll either prepare at home beforehand or easily buy at the store
  • bread or baguettes
  • water (min. 1 l per person) and other drinks (i.e. homemade lemonades, a good bottle of fresh rosé, etc.)
  • ice cubes (if you can keep them cold long enough)
  • watermelon or other refreshing fruits
  • cookies, tart, fruit salad, …
  • plates, cups, cutlery (best if this stuff is made out of recyclable materials)
  • portable freezer


  • barbecue with its grilling utensils
  • charcoal
  • lighter
  • old newspaper (to help the fire to get stronger)

Practical things

  • pair of long trousers and pullover/jacket ‘cause in the evening, when the shadows of the trees are coming down, it can get quite fast quite chilly
  • first aid kit (not forgetting the spray against mosquitoes and other insects)
  • cling film and boxes (to stock the rest of the food to take back home)
  • trash bags

At the end, after a cool & relaxed day at the lake and before heading home again, don’t forget to leave the place as clean as it was when you arrived (or even more cleaner!).


Don’t forget that from Luxembourg City it’s only an one hour drive to the lake. So why not take your time and drive up there by the small streets across the country, this way you will discover some nice spots you might miss riding there the faster way using highway and national routes.


Thereupon: have a nice and sunny weekend!

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