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10 février 2015

Amicale des Amis – the new ephemeral event venue

Let me present you our lastest discovery in matter of interesting places to see in Luxembourg: the “Amicale des Amis”! We’ve had the pleasure to discover this amazing place last Sunday when we have been invited by Poeckes Consulting to an exclusive concert by Serge Tonnar & Legotrip!


I have to admit that we had some problems finding the place as it is situated in a backyard, so it is a bit hidden from the street… But keep the faith in case you are looking for it, because it’s really worth it!!


What’s the Amicale des Amis?

This cultural and architectural project has been founded by Steve Krack (Unité d’Habitation) and Silvano Vidale (Vidale-Gloesener) in an abandoned industrial hall awaiting conversion, situated in Bonnevoie. They invited fellow architects and designers to create a pavilion or a 3-D object without any constraint of budget or theme. Participating in the project are Jim Clemes, Tatiana Fabeck, Alain Linster, Stefano Moreno, Michel Petit, Spike, François Valentiny, Isabelle Van Driessche, Jaimie-Lynne Li How Cheong, Julie Conrad, Nico Steinmetz & Arnaud Demeyer, Philippe Nathan, Shahram Agaajani and Steve Krack.

The result is simply amazing and unique with fourteen pavilions of various shapes and materials, which interact with space and offer the visitors a unique contemplative experience.


And it was in this industrial and cosmopolitan decor, that Bert Poeckes had invited his guests on Sunday afternoon to present his new firm Poeckes Consulting and to listen to an intimate concert by Serge Tonnar & Legotrip, followed by a small reception.


The exhibition can be visited from Tuesday to Fridays from 5 – 8 pm as well as on request. And what’s even more interesting is that you can book the place to organize your own little event over there! No better opportunity to make your guests curious about a place they haven’t discovered yet…

Adress: 8-10, rue Sigismond in Bonnevoie

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