Fredke and her friends!



I am a Luxembourg native, living in Brussels. Most of the time I run around like a “headless chicken”! I combine the logistics of my three kids and a full time job…this is where multitasking is not a choice but the only option to survive. On the side we are renovating our new house as our 2-bedroom apartment is proving to get a little small for the 5 of us.

I moved from traditional marketing to digital marketing, where I try to make buzzwords like: Agile, Customer Experience, Content marketing and Context, meaningful and useful for my customers in helping them build their online strategy.

In my spare time I try to make my kids happy and open-minded this includes all kind of activities: sports, museum, cooking & baking, movies…

What I will bring to the Fredke and Friends blog is some easy-to-make and good recipes, nice places in Brussels to eat, to brunch, to shop and last but not least some tips when traveling.

I hope you will enjoy and give me your feedback on my topics.

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