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24 avril 2015


I am always on the look out for original presents, either when I am browsing through the different kinds of magazines or when we are shopping abroad.

We took the habit to thank our family for all the support they give us for the different occasions by offering them customized gifts. For example, last year we offered them magnets with the faces of our kids. This year, I’ve found this interesting way of personalizing Nivea tins in a small article in the German Flow magazine, a very interesting magazine about inspirations, ideas and creativity.

Nivea is a moisturizing cream I learned to apply when I was a child. And even now, more than 40 years later, I am still using it, the same way our kids now use it! Nivea is still a beloved cream within all the members of our family, that’s why we wanted to try out this customization.


All you need to do is to choose a good picture you want to use. It is better the picture is a little darker than too bright because of the white lettering… Now check the Nivea online shop. Buy the product: it is the standard Nivea moisturizing cream (75 ml) with a transparent plastic sleeve with your picture, which is put onto the cover of the tin. Now upload your favorite picture and place it unto the lid. When you are choosing your picture, do not forget that “Nivea Creme” will be written in the middle of the cover like on the normal tins. It is the best, that the focus of your picture is not situated in the middle, but over or below the Nivea lettering. You can also add a small message: with love, thank you, etc., message which will be placed on the lower side of the cover. If the layout is ok for you, just click on the save/add button and the tin will be added to your basket. Within 3-5 days, your customized Nivea boxes are delivered to your address…

Here the results of the 2 kinds of tins! Hope everybody is happy and will keep the box as a souvenir after having used all the cream!

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