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2 février 2016

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… Jewellery by Pomellato

On our trip to Milan last year, we’ve got the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Pomellato. If you are like me, you will just be wondering what lies behind this name, or you do already know this modern jewellery brand, made in Italy? Let’s discover it together…

I have to admit : I’m no great jewellery expert. For those among you who know me are aware that I normally just wear the same rings, earrings and chain throughout the whole year. I don’t even remove my rings even if I am working in the garden or kneading dough (ARGH!) … On special occasions though, when I have to dress up, I wear my jewellery accessories (in preference: colourful necklaces). And I, for sure, had never heard of this avant-garde Italian jewellery brand called Pomellato… I even thought it was a winery when I first saw its name on the program…


So, let me introduce you to the fantastic world of Pomellato, first with some background information! The heir to a family of goldsmiths, Pino Rabolini, founded Pomellato back in 1967 in Milan. His idea was to introduce the prêt-à-porter philosophy into the conservative world of jewellery. Using sophisticated combinations of coloured stones, special cuts and creative ensembles, Pomellato quickly made its place in the Italian and international jewellery market. From its beginnings, the brand has always given a high importance to the artisan manufacture of its creations, employing only highly qualified and experienced artisans. Today, over 100 goldsmiths are employed at its headquarters in Milan.


Then, on a Friday morning, our group met at the headquarters of Pomellato. We had a nice and warm welcome by their communication team who split us in different groups. Each group was to visit the different departments from design to production. Passing hallways, using staircases and elevators, we made our way through the wide building.

Our first stopover was in the design department where everything starts: from the idea to the sketches through to the mould. The designer explained us how they were working with mood boards, sketches, silicon moulds, etc. We had the chance to throw a glance in a sketches book of an older collection and we were presented some moulds…


The second stop over was in the office of the masters of the stones, as I named them! The job of these highly qualified jewellers is to look around the world to find the most perfect gemstones in line with the designs of the different jewellery collections: Topaz, Amethyst, Quartz, Prasiolite, Turquoise, Onyx, Coral, Peridot, etc.


Our next stage brought us to the workspace of the goldsmiths, these craftsmen of a special kind. Unfortunately we were not authorized to take pictures of this amazing part of the production line. Combining antique tradition and innovation, the goldsmiths are masters of precision, manually crafting each jewel from start to finish with great concentration.

The visit ended with a startling presentation of the actual collection by a talented show master. We were gathered in a semicircle, the women in the front row and the men behind. In front of us: a pedestal on which the different pieces of the different collections Nudo, Capri, Milano, Bahia, Sabbia, etc. were revealed behind a silken veil. I felt like a diva in a movie, specially with the presenter played his role in a manner worthy of an Oscar! Alternately each one of us could take a really close look at one or another piece, we were even requested to try them on…


After the presentation, the configuration of the room was changed into a showroom with displays presenting the different collections. The girls had the chance to take a closer look on the collections and to try out the different pieces, meanwhile the guys were passing their time drinking coffee and waiting! And I just fell in love with the ring with the blue Topaz from the Nudo collection


GUYS, don’t forget: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…  And don’t panic, you will not need to get down to Milan, you can easily go to the Pomellato boutique in Luxembourg City!

Happy Valentine!

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