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22 décembre 2015


I just do love this time of the year when everybody is sending their wishes around the world! I love to check our traditional mailbox  to discover all the nice and creative Christmas greeting cards we receive. I do prefer those to all the digital once we get per mail… And you?!?

Last week I showed you this year’s Christmas tree ornaments we’ve been doing at home and today, as promised, I will explain you how to transform those into original handmade Christmas cards!


What do you need?

  • white drawing paper A4 (min. 210 g)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • puncher
  • stamps + ink pad
  • blotting paper
  • masking tape
  • homemade Christmas ornaments (like those from last weeks DIY)

We begin with one sheet of white drawing paper with min. 210 g (to be strong enough for a card). I do prefer laid paper, which is a type of paper having a ribbed texture imparted by the manufacturing process. It will give your card a certain grip as well as a more complete look. Now fold the sheet in the length in two, the card’s format will be A5. You can use your ruler to run once over the edge to fix the fold.


On the cover page of your card, measure the middle with the ruler and use a pencil to show where to make the hole to suspend your ornament. I just do love to use these special punchers for this! Now pass the string of your ornament through the little hole.


Open the card and fix the string on the left page with some masking tape. I do love those masking tapes with different motives. For Christmas I prefer those in gold.


Now it’s time to create the message for your card. For this, choose some stamps with Christmas motives, for example a Christmas tree, stars, Seasons Greeting message, etc. To keep it festive, I chose once again to keep the message in golden, that’s why I took the golden ink pad. Now post your message on the right page of your open card. You might try beforehand the stamp on plain white paper, just to get used to it and to learn how to position it right. Tip: press a sheet of blotting paper on the print to fix the ink.


And that’s it! Your Christmas greeting card is almost finished. You will just need to get envelopes in the right size, in this case it will be C5.


And don’t forget to personalize it with some handwritten message and the signatures of each member of your family.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

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