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29 mai 2015


It’s time for your mother to take a break!

I know mothers (and women in general) are not always setting themselves first in line, children, spouse, family, work and friends are priority for many.

How about “offering” your mother time to some self pampering in the everyday life, if so only for a few minutes, and let her relax! Home spa is a favorite, a warm bath, candles, perhaps a glass with something refreshing and a magazine, then each mother is in heaven!


And a great thing with home spa, it doesn’t have to cost your shirt either. With simple ingredients you can make your own perfect spa products!

A nice idea is to refill shampoo etc. in glass bottles and carafes, it’ll make the bathroom look a bit more glamorous (who said anything about the practical aspect….?)


Bathing salt:
Mix 7 dl sea salt and 10 ts baking powder (optional, make the water more basic)
Add some essential oil e.g. lavender, rose, lemon. You could add some color, food color or natural colors from beetroot or blueberry. You could also add some herbs if you want. Mix it all together and let to dry on a dry surface. Fill a jar or, like I did, an antique carafe and keep it in a dry place.


Blend a cup of sugar with a few drops of olive oil in a bowl and add some essential oil, peppermint is great for your feet (for color I used a couple of drops of beetroot juice).

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I’m Ann-Kristin, a Norwegian in my 40’ies, living in Luxembourg since 2005.

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