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27 août 2015


It’s again this time of the year: summer holidays! Kids are off from school and we, the adults, have to find some nice activities to keep them on track. A few years ago, the idea came up to organize a night in the woods, the dads with the kids. And last weekend took place the 2015 edition!

We are lucky to have a couple of good friends with kids (in the same age than ours) who own a little parcel of wood. As Kristof is a real nature man, he once came up with the idea to organize a night in the woods as a little adventure with the kids. And as we, the mothers, were not too keen on sleeping on site, it was quite soon decided that we would only stay for dinner and come back the morning with some pastries for breakfast.


This year’s edition

The evening before the event, we prepare the car with all the material for the adventure: tents, sleeping bags, chairs, flashlights, divers camping material,  drinks, etc. ‘cause on Friday, there is no time to take care about this, as we will directly meet after work in the woods at around 7 pm.

On Friday evening, when we arrive, the daddies have already built up the campsite with the tents.


The boys’ duty is now to look out for some firewood. As Noa was on a scout’s camp in Norway earlier this year, he was really keen on building and lighting the fire… under the watchful eye of his dad!


Then it’s time to relax, sit next to the fire, have a drink and wait for it to burn down to get enough coal for dinner. Meanwhile the kids take their time to explore to whereabouts or to carve a stick for their sausages…

This year I prepared some dough for “Stockbrot”: you put some dough around the tip of a stick (can be a branch found in the wood) and you heat it up in turning it over the coal. It’s very popular with the kids! When it’s ready, either eat it from the stick or pull out the stick, pour some mustard or ketchup in it before sliding in your grilled sausage! Bon appétit!


Around 11 pm, when it’s already really dark, it’s time for the little ones to gather in their tent for the night and for the mothers to get back home for a good night full of sleep. The older boys can still stay up a little longer but before midnight, all the kids have to be asleep. Now it’s time for the daddies for a good drink and some serious discussions to change the world… around the fire!


During the night, the men keep the campfire alive.


In the morning, the early birds are out with the first sunbeam whereas the rest of the group does sleep a little bit longer. Very quick all the kids run and play around the forest until breakfast is served and they disappear quite fast again right after that ’cause they have their games going on! For midday, the mummies arrive for lunch and than it’s already time to begin dismantling the tents.


As we don’t have any program for the day, we let the kids play and we sit back next to the fire relaxing and enjoying the day until we finally have to leave ‘cause of everybody’s evening program… What a great day we had!


But before leaving the camp, it’s very important to clean the place and to put out the fire!


Next year, it’s decided, we will stay for 2 nights!

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