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6 mars 2016


I’ve discovered this brilliant idea on the German DIY blog DEKOTOPIA and I had to try it straight away! This method is quite easy, not time consuming and you normally find all the necessary material you need in your household… So let’s go and decorate some eggs with nail polish!

You will need:

  • Eggs
  • Nail polish in different colours
  • Nail polish remover (to remove eventual stains)
  • Skewers
  • Rubber gloves (optional)
  • Old bowl
  • Yarn
  • Matches or wire

Let’s begin with the selection of the eggs to use. I always recommend white chicken eggs, cause the colours adhere better and the result shines brighter. For the decoration eggs, you can either buy fresh eggs and blow them out by yourself or you can buy some, which is sometimes easier… It finally depends on what you prefer to do! 🙂

Chose an old bowl, which you will no longer use in the kitchen, but only for DIY activities as the nail polish might leave some traces. I also recommend you to use rubber gloves to prevent nail polish stains on your hands.

Fill your bowl with enough water to fully immerse one egg in it. Drop some nail polish into it. The colour will immediately spread on the surface. If the nail polish does not spread well, use the skewer to mix it, but don’t wait too long as the nail polish layer will dry and cling to your skewer.


Pull the skewer through the hole of your egg and gently “press” the egg into the water and turn it around until the nail polish layer completely covers the egg. Now it’s time for the decorated egg to dry.

To get some different effects, you can add more colours and make them run into each other, using a skewer. You can also change the water regularly, to avoid that the « old » nail polish gets involved with your new egg.


If you want to use this decorating method with edible eggs, please pay attention that the shell of your eggs is not broken. Don’t « scare off » the boiled eggs with cold water, as some fine cracks can occur through which germs might penetrate. The hard boiled eggs can be kept up to 2 weeks at room temperature and up to 4 weeks if stored in the fridge.


If you want to suspend your eggs, you will need to fix some yarn onto the eggs. For this you can either use a match (good for bigger eggs, like chicken eggs) or a small piece of wire (works best if you have smaller eggs i.e.). Knot the yarn to the piece of wire, push the wire into the empty egg, pull the yarn out, the wire will be blocked in the egg and you can suspend your Easter decoration!


I wish you a lot of fun with this easy tutorial!

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