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16 octobre 2018

“New” online supplier for your fabrics!

To all my sewing friends and fabric lovers out there: do you know that the famous Scandinavian online fabrics supplier, Stoff & Stil, now has its own dedicated webshop for Luxembourg and delivers directly to Luxembourg?!?

I have to admit that I am really found of this and I did already order several fabrics which I’ve transformed into small handmade masterpieces, well in my eyes naturally 🙂  Stoff & Stil proposes a fascinating range of great, modern and design fabrics, sewing material as well as hobby supplies and yarn.


For the summer, I fell in love with the cute rose-colored French terry stretch with golden pineapples prints. Me being too old to wear it, I directly planned to sew a trendy oversized top for our lovely niece, whose birthday was beginning of July. I have to admit, that I am still deliberating with myself if I should not give it a try and sew a shirt for me with this stylish fabric… 🙂


Another fabric I chose to use was this fantastic grey stretch jersey with pink petals to create a fitting top for my pink trousers… I chose the same pattern as for our niece, the oversized shirt, also bought via the Stoff & Stil webshop. For the patterns, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I saw that it was not made out of paper, but out of interlining. But at the end, it worked out fine. The only thing with the pattern is that the sizes are quite large; you definitely can choose a size smaller…


As I recently started to follow a yoga class, I decided to create my own yoga bag for my rolled-up mat. I choose to follow the Cecilia Yoga Bag pattern by Scandinavian designer Lotta Jansdotter and used this marvelous dark blue with sand abstract plants cotton. I somewhat changed the pattern, as I added a small pocket inside the bag and a white ribbon around the bag… I am quite happy with my result!


Having the one or other gala dinner scheduled in autumn, I did as well order some woven jacquard (black with flowers) for a long elegant skirt. It will be the first time that I am going to process this kind of fabric… For the moment, I just did the cut outs of the pattern. Unfortunately I did not yet find the time and patience to put it under the sewing machine. But promised, I am going to write a post about it as soon as it will be finished. I plan also to sew a small fitting jacket. The both patterns will be out of Lotta Jansdotter’s book.

And another interesting fact: each of the bought fabrics gets a label with its name, practical washing instructions, etc. on it!

And if your are on the look-out for a new tablecloth, well then do not hesitate and check the Stoff&Stil web shop as they propose to transform many of their fabrics into tablecloth in the dimensions you need! As we do have a quite long table (more than 3 meters long), it’s really not easy at all to find nice looking tablecloths…

I have to admit that I did have some issues understanding the different kinds of fabric, as I am normally buying my fabrics on German websites or directly at local stores. But with help of the dictionary, I managed to get it done. Maybe in the future the company will propose a German version of their online shop… 🙂

Having signed in the newsletter, I have already gotten some peak preview of the new autumn trends and I saw already some of the fabrics that I would love to process…


So many ideas, so less time…

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