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7 décembre 2015


Already 10 years that the Rockhal first opened its doors back in September 2005,… which also means for me that I’m already working for over 10 years in this majestic temple of rock! Gosh, how fast time goes by! And, by the way, I’m not getting younger with all this! 😉

Looking back at those last ten years, a lot of memories are coming back… Starting my job back in July 2005, I had the pleasure to be part of the organizing team of the official opening night on 23 September, with the amazing performance by The Prodigy. I will always remember the terrific sound of “Firestarter” and the public going mad at it! That was the official kick off of the history of the venue and, for my part, this song will stay forever a favorite in my personal playlist…


Daft Punk, R.E.M., Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Prince, Sting, Tom Jones, Deichkind, Julien Doré, Christine and the Queens, Selah Sue, Chilly Gonzales, Lenny Kravitz, Morcheeba, The Do, Deadmau5, Faithless… are only some of the best moments of my life I’ve witnessed at the Rockhal and with the years passing by, it is getting harder and harder for me to remember them all…

…That’s why I am more than glad today to be able to hold in my hands the result of those 10 tremendous years of Rockhal: the anniversary book, released last October, called “Doors: 7:00 pm, Show: 8:30 pm – Ten Years of Rockhal stories”, a terrific collection of background information, concert pictures and many other remarkable souvenirs!


In all those years, around 1300 concerts took place behind these memorable walls and we, the Rockhal staff, have witnessed some crazy and unusual moments with great artists as well as with their faithful fans. Some of these flabbergasting stories can be found in this book, others will stay forever in our minds!

A large part of the book has been reserved to the fantastic jobs done by the professional press photographers without whom it would be impossible for the Rockhal to keep the magic of those live moments alive.


Wanna take a closer look at the book and get to learn something more about those famous backstage stories? Well, then you will not have to miss the book presentation taking place this Friday, 11 December, at the Libraire Ernster (shopping center Belle Etoile in Bertrange). The Rockhal team is awaiting you at 6:30 pm. The presentation is called “OFF THE RECORD” because in addition to being a book presentation in the classical sense, the Rockhal team will share their personal highlights of the last ten years – and you can be sure to hear stories that we didn’t dare to share on paper!


You want to get a copy of the book?  You can do this, either online via Maison Moderne, the publisher’s e-shop, or by visiting one of the Ernster bookstores around town.

Still on the look out for special Christmas gifts for music lovers? Well, then you might be interested in one of the tops, t-shirts or bags specially designed by George(s) for the 10th anniversary of the Rockhal and produced by Sentinel City Clothing… which can also be bought at the Ernster bookstores.


Photocredits: Maison Moderne and Sentinel City Clothing.

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