1 décembre 2014

The big storm

GardenIMG_5267ing can be such a relaxing and pleasant pursuit with rewarding results: tomatoes, strawberries, apples, salads, etc. as long as the weather plays along!

This year, we had such nice cherry tomatoes plants with plenty of fruits beginning to get ready to harvest, many real good and tasty salads as well as a lot of apples on our beloved apple tree.

Unfortunately this time, we had no luck with the weather! The big storm, which hit some parts of our country, did not miss our garden! Within 5 minutes all the damage has been done! One plum tree broke and hit the pirate’s house in the sandpit; the hailstones hit the apples and tomatoes so that the fruits were too much damaged to eat afterwards…


But we do not give up! Next spring we will once again plant new seeds and plants and hopefully we will get luckier than this year! Yeah!

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