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12 mai 2015


Can you resist your beloved one when he does kindly ask you to almost do the impossible in a very short time?!? Well, I can’t…

So there was this event last weekend, at which one my husband wanted to thank the partners of his board members for their patience during a whole year of active tabling. Kristof was looking for a special idea and he was thinking of me and my sewing skills. Maybe I could come up with a handmade gift, which would make the present even more personal. Good idea! The only problem was  time… Kristof asked me like 10 days before the event… and as you all know, I do have a normal job besides my family and my sewing hobby!

After checking my agenda, I decided to block all my free time until the event… That would hopefully give me enough time to sew those 16 unique loop or infinity scarves.

I began my work on May 1st, the day you normally do try to relax and not to work too much! Rummaging through my fabric stock, I started with putting together 2 to 6 different motives and colors to check if they fit together and believe me, this was the hardest part of the work, especially as I wanted each scarf to fit to the lady it was destined to! Each scarf should to be different from one another.


Then I started with cutting out the different pieces. The average length of the scarves is around 140 cm, the height between 20 and 30 cm. For some scarves, I “just” used 2 different fabrics, for others up to 6 different ones. The next step was to first sew the different pieces of one length together, before sewing the 2 lengths together, good side on good side (and not forgetting to leave up to 10 cm open on one of the sides, which I regularly forgot!). Then you take one side and pull it through the tunnel, the good sides facing each other before sewing the 2 parts together. Look for the hole you left and slowly tear the scarf outside / inside and then finish it in closing the small hole.


I got on faster than I thought… On Wednesday night I had the 16 loops ready! Now was time to relax a little bit before thinking about the packaging… On Saturday afternoon I put together my gift packing adding a personalized flyer explaining the different ways the ladies could wear their new loops.

Saturday night could come! Kristof himself had the pleasure to hand out the handmade gifts for thanking his ladies for their support of their beloved ones during of a whole year of national board of Round Table Luxembourg.


Now I just can hope that each lady will have a lot of pleasure wearing her personal loop!

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