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5 février 2015

The XC90 experience days

We’ve got invited by Autopolis to the Vovlo XC90 experience days during the Autofestival and decided to participate!

As you surly must know, this week takes place the Autofestival during which all the car dealers are offering promotions and special prices on new cars. And in this context, I received an invitation by Autopolis to discover the new edition of the Volvo XC90.

I must admit that both Fredke and I are not too much interested in cars and that we normally don’t go around during the car festival week to spot the cars. But this invitation got me curious.


In fact the invitation is quite mysterious as it mentioned something about a meeting place from where we would get some instructions to get to the next place, etc. That’s one of the reasons I decided to take part of the experience with Fredke. I confirmed our presence and was informed via mail that we should meet at Autopolis in Bertrange on Wednesday at 2 pm.

We arrived on time and took a quick visit of the showroom before I spotted a counter decorated in a Scandinavian style. An hostess welcomed me. And yes, it was the right meeting point. She accompanied us to a middle-aged man, who seemed to be our driver. I was a little disappointed as I thought I could test drive the car and turning to my wife, I saw that she too was disappointed for the same reason.

The mystery continued as the driver did not talk too much and did not really tell us what’s going to happen. He did inform us however that he worked for a Belgian agency and that they were present during the whole car festival at Autopolis for this experience. He could also tell us that the whole experience would last for about 30 minutes and that we would get a drive back afterwards.

He headed towards Luxembourg City. It took us about 20 minutes to arrive to destination… to the Autopolis pop-up store in the City. Entering the showroom, we were welcomed by a lovely hostess offering us a small explanation about what was going to happen and proposing us something to drink.


We had just the time to acknowledge the surroundings when we were asked to get to the basement to discover a short movie about the new SUV model. The basement was decorated in a winter scenery with snow on the trees, white chairs, wooden walls, etc. We were asked to get a seat and we were shown a short movie about Scandinavian nature… ending with a small presentation of the new XC90, all in white!


The next step was to get upstairs to the showroom to discover in live the brand new SUV. A dealer explained us all we need to know about this renewal of the model:

  • elegant Swedish design: less is more
  • easy to get on with the new tablet-like touchscreen on the dashboard
  • more security tools with the IntelliSafe technologies (i.e. auto brake, city safety…)
  • more power and more driving modes but less CO2 emission
  • new and better sound system
  • plenty of space with 2 easily foldable seats in the back
  • possibility of personalization with the exterior styling kits

After the presentation and touching of the car, we also tried the XC90 experience! That was amazing though! We were asked to sit on a chair, similar to the one of the SUV. A concierge gave us a goggle set as well as a headset and we were dived into a 3D room where the whole car was built around us! That was a really cool experience! We assisted “live” to the construction of the car and could turn around to see the different elements being put together. This was the first time I did assist to an experience like that and it was worth the whole trip!!


I must admit that I was really positively surprised by the whole operation organized by Autopolis. I was sceptical at the beginning but got convinced as soon as we entered the pop up store in the City discovering the whole setting. Autopolis convinced me this time with their promotional activity.


Concerning the XC90, I am really convinced by the Swedish design! It looks really great to me (i.e. the form of the headlights, the new dashboard…). On a technical part of view, I suppose that the improvements are worth it, especially those concerning the security and the environmental parts. Unfortunately I got my last car only 2,5 years ago, so that it’s quite too soon to get a new one, but I am already looking forward to the moment when I have to get a new one! And for the moment I’m quite sure it could be the Swedish SUV by Volvo!

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