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8 mai 2018

Turmeric latte - Relieve your sore muscles

The benefits of turmeric are actually praised on different channels and levels. The spice does not only put a deep-orange-yellow color on your dishes, but also gives many of them a slightly spicy aroma: from legumes stew rice and vegetables dishes, meat specialties, fish or tofu. And it seems that it is also as effective against pain as the medicine Ibuprofen…


According to many studies this Indian spice should

  • have beneficial effect on cardiovascular diseases,
  • slow the aging of your brain and prevent Alzheimer’s disease,
  • facilitate digestion and sooth intestinal disorders,
  • relieve sore muscles and reduce cellular damage to the muscles.



So here an easy recipe for all our runners who are going to participate to this Saturday’s ING Night Marathon through Luxembourg City:

Heat up a cup of milk, add a half teaspoon turmeric, some cinnamon and a pinch of pepper.

Well, all the other sportswomen and -men can for sure also try this turmeric latte to help relieve their sore muscle after the effort. 🙂


And thinking about the « Bewosst » campaign by Cactus, I did pay attention to the products I used for my latte. They all come from organic farming which does not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic or industrial products or genetically modified organisms. Did you know that Cactus committed to provide his clients with the best organic products offering now 2.500 organic items in their supermarkets. And they are continually adding to their organic offer…  Promoting organic products is also an ethical choice made by Cactus to support organic producers to expand their production in the Greater Region by guaranteeing them a direct return and a nearby market to sell their goods.

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