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8 janvier 2015

Where to buy your sewing material?

I am regularly asked where I do my sewing shopping and that’s the reason why I decided to put together a list with the stores I like (with their links). I have to admit that I’m not only going to the shops, but I also buy a lot of stuff online, so I’ve added also the web sites I use.

A very interesting shop, situated in Luxembourg City, where you can find all you need for sewing, but also for crafting, painting, knitting, etc. on more than 1000 qm

A Belgian store chain, which is selling a lot of fashion accessories, crafting articles and also sewing stuff. The stores a located in Luxembourg City, Esch/Alzette, Foetz, Shopping Center Belle Etoile and Shopping Center Knauf.

Boutique Arlette Créations
This is a really nice shop situated in Dudelange, in the south of the country, where you can find a lot of different tissues, but also very nice accessories and homemade stuff. And the service is excellent!

Ikea, the Swedish expert in ready-to-assemble furniture, has also a small section with nice and cheap fabric that can be used for pillows, curtains, etc. The nearest Ikea to Luxembourg is the one situated next to Arlon.

Mondial Textiles
Another Belgian store chain proposing all kinds of tissues/fabrics as well a wide range of crafting products. The one I use to go to is situated in Arlon in the Hydrion business park.

Les Tissus du Chien Vert
And if you have the chance to be in Brussels, do not forget to pass at the “Les Tissus du Chien Vert” (the tissues of the green dog) shop situated next to the canal and which is my top favorite! It’s the coolest fabric shop I’ve ever seen! The choice of fabric is quite amazing and the interior of the shop is worth seeing!

Beside all these shops, I buy a lot of fabrics via the web, especially via Dawanda, THE German online marketplace for unique and handmade products. There you will find a lot of cool handmade stuff as well as a wide range of crafting products and materials. Here a small list of my favorite online shops on Dawanda for the sewing articles:
Villa Stoff
Frau Rogge
Wolke 7
Die Kreativwerkstatt

Petit Pan
Everytime we are abroad, I look out for fabric stores in order to find tissues with designs I do not have or haven’t found yet! That’s how I discovered the Petit Pan label in a small boutique in La Rochelle in the west of France. I just love their designs! On their website, you can discover some of their products fabricated with their tissues. And next time I’m in Paris, I have to pass at the shop!
That’s a German online store where you can buy all you need for your sewing passion. They do also have a wide range of tissues with more classic designs.

This list is not exhaustive and I might add some addresses in the future!

Have fun exploring and shopping!

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