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27 avril 2015


Rainy days are ahead of us… How about getting a little sunshine out of the kitchen? Here is an easy recipe for a chocolate chip yogurt cake, which will give each of you a little smile on your face when tasting it!

What you need?!? Not a lot, especially you do not need to be a queen or king in the baking field to achieve this yummy cake!


1 pot of plain yogurt
2 pots of sugar
3 eggs
80 gr of melt butter
3 pots of flour
6 gr backing powder
200 gr of dark chocolate

I normally use our homemade plain yogurts, as long as we do have enough stock in the refrigerator! But you also can use normal plain yogurt you find in the groceries.


First heat up your oven to 200 C°, then you can begin with melting the butter either in a bain-marie or in the microwave. I normally prefer to use the microwave as it goes quicker… Keep the melt butter in the fridge to cool it down a bit.

Empty the plain yogurt into a bowl. Then use the yogurt pot as a measuring cup: fill it twice with sugar that you add to the yogurt in the bowl, before adding the 3 eggs. Now you can stir. Add the melt butter to the mass before stirring again.


It’s now time to add the flour and the backing powder. I prefer to sift the flour, in order to avoid lumps afterwards in the mass. This time you have to fill your yogurt pot 3 times! Then stir well!


Oh, we should not forget the chocolate… The most important ingredient if you want to make a chocolate chip yogurt cake! I just love to cut the chocolate into small parts by myself with a big knife. I prefer this to the chocolate chips you can buy in each grocery. The rendering as well as the taste of the cake is better… Well, you can try this out by yourself!


Now put the dough into a baking dish. I normally first butter the inside of the dish before sprinkling some flour in it, this will allow for the finished cake to get easier out of the form afterwards.


Put the oven to 180 C° and leave the cake around 25 minutes in the oven. You can check its consistency by sticking a sharp item (a knife for example) into the cake and if it comes out without any dough on it, then the cake is ready!

Now let it cool down for 2-3 minutes before taking the cake out of its form. It will be best to still wait around 30 minutes before savoring your cake!


Bon appétit!

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