7 janvier 2016


Hey there! How are you? Did you have a fine start into this brand new year of 2016? Last time we met, it was still 2015. Time just flew by so fast… And it’s already 1 year that the Fredke And Friends blog does exist! And I still have fun dealing with it! 😉

It is thanks to my husband, Kristof, I started blogging. Without his support, I do not think that I would have had the guts to do it! So big THANK YOU honey! Love you so much (yes, I know, you never believe me, but it’s true!!!).


Starting the blog with Kristof, Celine and Sabine as friends, I was glad to convince, over the year, my Norwegian friend Ann-Kristin and fellow blogger Claudine (from merlanne) to get on board of this marvelous blogging journey. A big THANK YOU to all of you for your lovely ideas, encouraging support and interesting posts! This blog lives through your participation and I am always happy to read your newest stories you want to share with our readers and followers.

Together we have posted not less than 79 articles throughout the different categories in 2015, which makes an average of 6,5 posts per month and 1,5 articles per week! Nice job!

Scrolling through the different themes of the blog, I have to admit that it seems that we do prefer the DIY parts of it (like i.e. the cooking or sewing sections). But surprisingly, the Top 3 of the most read articles can be found in the « favorites » and « others » topics with Luxembourg’s First Fashion Bus Akabo, La Pipistrelle: the new B&B in town and the highest book pyramid of Luxembourg. Unfortunately the travel and garden sections seem to be the black sheeps… But that’s more because I did not yet find the time to tell you about our Scandinavian trip last summer or to show you the evolution of our garden. I can assure you that the ideas do exist; they just need to be put into words and pictures…


Looking back over 2015, my blogging experience started with the blogging workshops by Emilie from My Little Fashion Diary where I got my first inputs and contacts to the local blogger sphere. From there on, I got connected to the blogger community Blogger_Lu where I unfortunately rarely have time to assist to meetings (yep, family, job and hobby do take the most part of my time these days). I had also the chance to meet fellow blogger who I now can call friends: Claudine from merlanne, Lynn from Coysmore and Thessy & Carole from the Spiffing Ideas blog. When will we be meeting again?!?

Over the year, The Fredke And Friends blog has been listed among the wort.lu blogosphere and it has also been quoted in the local press: Bold Magazine, Letzebuerger Journal (thank you Maddy) and Janette Magazine. All this publicity made me even stronger to continue the blogging momentum!

I am just wondering if my new need for reading glasses might have something to do with my blogging addiction?!? Well, blogging means a lot of time behind the screen writing texts, but also reading and commenting all the interesting posts by fellow blogger all over the world…


Now to you, readers and followers, of the Fredke And Friends blog! Without you, the blog would not exist and it is through your comments (written as well as all those you tell me when we meet) that we get the strength to keep it running! THANK YOU for reading and following us! Hope you will still be interested in our posts in 2016. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have some comments, ideas or other suggestions that might help us ameliorate the blog.

And what will 2016 bring us? I do have so many ideas in my head for the Fredke And Friends blog that I only would love to put to paper and to make grow. Here some hints:

  • more posts for the travel section, starting with the story about our summer holidays in Scandinavia and the trip we are planning this year to Rwanda…
  • a series about my man: “Les plans foireux de mon homme” (translation: my man’s crappy ideas) where I am planning to depict some funny moments we have with family and friends, thanks to my man’s great ideas where mum gets alert and kids are just having a lot of fun!
  • more tutorials (I have sooooo many ideas in my head and soooo less time to turn them into action….)
  • more culinary discoveries we want to share with our readers, like the one with Belgian chief cook Julien Lapraille
  • a rhythm of minimum 2 posts per week

One of my resolutions for 2016 is to find more time to compose fascinating stories, together with my fellow editors, for the blog and to built up some interesting collaborations. Hope you will continue to follow me and my friends on this interesting journey!

You want to get more creative in 2016 and you want to do this in participating in our blog? Well that’s good news! Just drop me a mail at hello@fredke.lu. Your contributions just need to fit in one of our themes and either be written in English, French, German or Luxembourgish.

Thereupon: Happy New Year!

And don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook or on the other social media channels!

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