We are happy that you found us!



We are happy that you found us and that you are interested in looking over our shoulders to discover our little creation secrets!

Fredke&Friends is a blog written by myself, Frédérique, together with some of my creative friends (Sabine, Kristof, Olivier, Céline and many others). The blog is updated on a regular basis featuring DIY, sewing, cooking, baking, gardening and travel projects. In the favorite section you will find our “coups de coeur”.

I myself do like all kind of DIY projects and have recently discovered my love to sewing. My husband, Kristof, loves cooking, Sabine is a star in constructing creative cakes, … We all love to create and to spread our ideas, searches and creations.

This blog lives through the participation of the different editors, expressing themselves in the language they do prefer. That’s the reason why certain posts will be in French or German, others in English or even Luxembourgish, all depending on the writer.

If you are interested in participating to this blog, do not hesitate and contact me via hello@fredke.lu explaining your creative activity.

We are happy to get to know you!


I’m Frédérique, fortysomething, mum, maker and craft blogger with a penchant for chaos, living in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe: Luxembourg. I love sewing and creating personalized gifts for our friends!

My heart beats for crafting!

My crafting skills cover many disciplines depending on my ideas and include baking, sewing (toys, soft furnishings, clothing), paper craft and photography. I love to search for different kind of fabrics, touching them to feel their complexity. On my free time, I spend a lot of time on Internet looking for new ideas to create something or to transmit to other crafting lovers, when I am not sitting at my sewing machine. I love looking through craft books.

You can find an overview of my little sewed treasures here!


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