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24 mars 2015

Personalized baby blanket for little Leo

Fredke’s friend, Sabine, who recently became an aunt of a cute little baby boy called Leo, kindly asked me, if I could sew her a personalized baby blanket as a birth present… A new project for me!

Glad for this new blanket to sew, I started with rummaging through my favorite online shops to pick some nice baby fabrics, which could fit. I proposed a selection of tissues in blue tones with different kinds of animals to Sabine. Her choice finally fell on the sweet one with the big-eyed owls!


After a passage in the washing machine at 30 °C and drying at the fresh air of the fabrics, it was time to start with the preparations. First I had to draw the letters of Leo’s name onto the owls’ tissue before cutting them out with the appropriate scissors. As I needed a contrast between the fluffy white organic tissue and the bright letters, I chose dark blue velvet for the balloon. The letters were fixed with blurred sewing lines, using a darker thread, to get a certain impression.


The named balloon was ready for the next step: it now needed to be sewed onto the fluffy tissue! I had to make a choice of the color of the yarn. I had to chose between a fresh green or a light blue one… My decision fell on the light blue one to stay in the blue shades!


In order to give the blanket some volume, I always use some volume fleece, which I first fix to the left side of the cotton with the iron, before sewing the edges with a normal stitch.


Then the good side of the cotton is placed onto the fluffy side of the organic tissue and fixed with needles before sewing them together. I always have to pay attention not to forget to keep 10 cm open to turn the blanket outside – inside… Now the blanket just needs to be finished in closing the final 10 cm! With the remaining owl tissue, I sewed a cover for the pillow, which matches with the blanket.


And it seems baby Leo is quite happy with his new personalized blanket!

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