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27 janvier 2015

The perfect Sunday brunch

We love to welcome guests at our home, especially around a delicious brunch on Sundays. It has even become a kind of rendezvous on my social medias with the traditional picture on Instagram and Facebook!

Today we’ve decided to transmit you the recipe for a perfect brunch!


So first of all you need a bunch of good buddies you want to pass several hours with, than a lot of good and healthy food as well as some interesting drinks… And don’t forget to foresee some food to serve for dinner, as your friends won’t want to go home!

Coming to the details, we always bake fresh bread in the morning. Mostly the smell of the fresh bread welcomes our guests, as the bread is usually just ready when the first ones arrive. If you have the time, prepare a fresh orange juice that will give you all the vitamins you’ll need for the day. You can also ask one of your guests to take care of this.


You need to define a central place where you can put your buffet. We do have a kind of counter in the middle of the kitchen where everybody can gather around. Than you have to fill it with food, food, food, food!

For the food part, we usually serve a selection of these:
–    fresh bread, maybe different sorts
–    pastries from the bakery
–    different kinds of sausages and ham, also freshly cut (by hand) in the morning
–    cheese plate with different kinds of hard and soft cheeses, as well as some homemade camembert
–    pate, meatloaf, jelly, lioner, bacon
–    tomato with mozzarella plate
–    quiche Lorraine or a vegetable tart
–    yoghurt cake with some chocolate splitters
–    fresh eggs from the farmer for boiled eggs or omelet or scrambled eggs
–    roasted potatoes or rösti
–    jams, honey and chocolate butter
–    homemade nature yoghurts
–    fresh vegetables (i.e. cherry tomatoes, carrots,…)
–    fresh fruits (i.e. melon, apples, bananas, kiwis,… depending on what’s available for the season)
–    cornflakes and muesli
–    pancakes
–    waffles and other kind of homemade cookies


For the drinks, we normally propose:
–    fresh milk from the farmer
–    freshly squeezed orange juice
–    freshly squeezed fruit juices (i.e. apples, bananas, kiwis,… depending on what’s available for the season)
–    champagne
–    white and red wine
–    coffee, espresso and the
–    hot chocolate if the kids are interested


It’s probably the variety of the different plates, which makes our brunch so special, as well as the homemade dishes we use to serve.

Hungry now?!? You want to attend to one of our brunches? Well then don’t hesitate to contact me…

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